'Crossing Water'

"What is this whole business of crossing water, for so many years the subject of my paintings?   Whether we play in it, swim through it, cross it in boats, or span it with bridges of wood, stone, steel, concrete even living vines.  It seems that human curiosity and the need to communicate, travel or conquer drives us to close the gap between land masses, countries even one another.

Water and bridges have  also become a fascinating  metaphor for life's journey.  A metaphor that  takes one thing and wraps  it in another, makes a leap of imagination that expands  meaning, makes  life richer and  more complicated.  Conversely it can also veil and hide meaning and enter the realm of the dream."

'Crossing Water I'
'Crossing Water II'
'Bridge I'
'Bridge II'
'Bridge III'

"Here my paintings of water and bridges remain untitled as to give them a name is to pin too definite a meaning on them and as with all dream images should be open to interpretation. 

When something goes beyond the problem of description then perhaps that is where art can be made, whether in poetry, music or in this case painting."