'River Song'

 Unique volume with box, 2015

"It’s difficult to say where inspiration for this work came from but suddenly it seemed to me to be immeasurably important, this flowing of words across a page, as meaning through time and song lines through the flow of water."

This series of paintings and the book I have titled  collectively 'River Soul', to reflect not just on the physical nature of water in streams and rivers but also as metaphor.  Inspiration has come from many places and over a period of years, not  always remembered at the time.

While making these paintings I had in my mind a visit to the Cairngorms some while ago. Listening, watching and recording some of the ice cold streams tumbling over the rocks on their way to the valleys below. Their origins from the high plateau, welling up through the ancient rocks, collecting and eventually forming one of the great Scottish rivers on its journey to the sea, became a story for my imagination.

In places writing has been embedded in the painting, paying homage to the poetical whether in paint or words.  Only glimpses of the words are readable.  They are there because the river with its whispering, murmuring, rushing and roaring is telling its own story not necessarily meant to be understood in its entirety.

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