'Through Grass and Time:  One Field, One Year'

Two unique volumes in box, 2015

"Inspiration for these books came from a field which lies between my garden and a road.  Not a particularly large field, about an acre enclosed by old hedging, trees and broken down fences, just part of derelict farmland once used for grazing cattle but now overgrown and wild.  The field is bordered on the east by the ever roaring M25 yet the land is home to an astonishing number of animals and birds who go about their daily lives largely unnoticed.

It was during the hot, dry summer of 2013 that I became fascinated by these visitors to the field.  Especially a barn owl that this particular year was nesting in an old water tower and hunted the field every evening just at it became dusk.

This was the beginning, a field, an owl and the heat.  Every evening I would watch the field and make a record of my observations with paint, words and photographs.  Gradually building a mainly visual story of one year, the wild life, the weather and the changing moods of the seasons.

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