'Lustral Pool'
Unique volume with box, 2016

"Water and bridges have been my muse.  This book originated as a collection of sketchbook paintings and drawings which I produced over a number of years which have now been edited to become this Artist’s Book.  ‘Lustral Pool’ is a visual mind map where thoughts and ideas wander and flow through many interpretations to eventually find their resolution.

The origins of the word ‘lustral’ date from the mid-16th century and derived from Latin ‘lustralis’ and ‘lustrum’ of ancient Rome.  A ‘lustrum’ was a term indicating a period of five years which was linked with ceremonial purification performed at the intervals of the Roman census.

For me however, inspiration came many years ago from an MA graduate of the Royal College of Art who created a sculpture of a bath cast in thick green translucent glass, then filling the bath and making a video of herself moving in the water.  Both were on display for her graduate show.  Did she name it Lustral Bath? I'm not sure but ever since the word lustral has become linked in my memory with water and its redemptive qualities.  For me, ‘Lustral Pool’ has gradually become a place of quest and of renewal."

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